Jeremy Adams


Jeremy Adams is a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader who is the co-founder and CEO of Unicorn Innovations. With over a decade of experience in the startup world, Jeremy has become a well-known figure in the business community for his innovative ideas and strategic thinking. Before launching Unicorn Innovations, Jeremy founded and led several successful companies, including Prestige Food Trucks and Quantum Media.

A natural-born leader, Jeremy is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their dreams. Through Unicorn Innovations, he is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and services that enable startups and small businesses to thrive in the digital age. With a keen eye for emerging trends and a deep understanding of what drives success in the modern business landscape, Jeremy is a force to be reckoned with in the startup world.

Drawing on his years of experience as a founder and CEO, Jeremy is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges facing startups and small businesses in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. As a speaker, author, and thought leader, Jeremy is a respected voice in the business community and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. Whether advising clients, collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs, or driving the growth of Unicorn Innovations, Jeremy is always focused on creating a better future for startups and small businesses everywhere.

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