Maxwell Finn


Since he was old enough to know what a career was, Max knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. It helped that both his dad and grandfather are entrepreneurs as well. You could say it runs in his family.

During his freshman year at Emory University (2007), Max started an event promotion company that achieved considerable success, primarily through search engine optimization and a new thing called social media marketing. Which, at the time, was primarily MySpace.

Over the past decade, Max has been involved in over 10 startups and has experience consulting for many businesses ranging from small businesses to multinational companies and even nonprofits. While Max loves nearly all social media platforms and digital marketing channels, his passion lies with Facebook marketing and email marketing. These two channels have helped Max grow his own businesses past the startup stage incredibly fast and cost-effectively. He was able to grow his latest e-commerce brand, Startup Drugz, from 0-$100,000 in sales in less than 4 months and hit a $500k run rate in just 6 months. This was all accomplished with Facebook marketing and several automated email funnels.

Since then, Max has spent the past few years investing all of his time and using his expertise to help already successful companies begin acquiring more customers more profitably. Max is passionate about helping others achieve success and works every day on improving his craft. If you want to take your business to the next level by acquiring more customers through scaling paid advertising, there isn’t a guy better to do it with, than with Maxwell Finn.