Maxwell Finn


Loot, Drugz and Coins. What do these have to do with Maxwell Finn, President of Unicorn Innovations?

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Maxwell Finn was raised to have an eye for creative opportunity. He attended prestigious Babson College, top-rated for entrepreneurial education. While there, he started "Loot!" a mobile platform that connected brands with fans and customers. Maxwell's first ecommerce endeavor, Startup Drugz, ushered him into the potential of Facebook advertising. Startup Drugz hit a $500k run rate in just 6 months.

Maxwell co-founded his first agency, Quantum Media, with Jeremy Adams and Kevin Harrington (the original Shark from Shark Tank.) The agency ran Facebook ads and sales funnels for several Fortune 500 companies, including 3M. While at Quantum he sold over $4M of Trump coins during the presidential election, winning a "Two Comma Club" award from ClickFunnels.

Max has inspired and mentored ten startups in the past decade. He is passionate about helping everyday entrepreneurs succeed. Maxwell Finn's Facebook course and his brainchild, Unicorn Academy, have generated over $1 million in profits and have educated over 3,000 students. Small businesses, multinational companies and non-profits have all experienced the purpose, passion and persistence that define Maxwell Finn.

When he’s not helping businesses grow, he's speaking, writing and educating about entrepreneurship and profitable marketing strategies. Max is a regular contributor to major publications like AdWeek, and he's a popular speaker on podcasts and at worldwide marketing events.

A top-rated, proven entrepreneur, Maxwell Finn loathes the status quo, likes the color blue and is 2% of the good kind of crazy


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