At Unicorn Innovations, we don’t just teach – we do. And to do, you need tools that help you grow. We’ve used the following tools building past businesses as well this one, and can safely say that we would not be where we are today without them. We wholeheartedly recommend them to our students and clients.

A note of transparency: Some of the links in the tools before are affiliate links (meaning that we get a commission if you sign up). Take this note as not only a smart business practice, but also a lesson in marketing – if you can get paid to recommend products, you should, but be careful what you recommend or you won’t be trusted for long. Finally, these tools are not for all businesses, so choose them responsibly.



Our team is always looking for great ways to create otherworldly video ads that will increase sales and help us gain more customers, and Clipman has provided the perfect path to do just that. We will make this short and sweet: If you are in the market for making world-class videos that will further your business’ growth, then you have to give this tool a try. We did, and we haven’t looked back since.

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AdPlexity for eCommerce

We talk about this all the time but doing the proper research and analysis on your competitor's ads can give you a huge edge in your advertising efforts and make your life so much easier. We never recommend directly copying what your competitors are doing, but knowing what ads are successful for your industry is a golden nugget of information that you need to take advantage of. AdPlexity makes that easy for you by finding the most profitable ads for you.

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What makes ClickFunnels so great? Simple. It puts everything you need for your business all into one place. This website helps you achieve the goal that is giving you everything you need to market, sell and deliver your products. Unlike so many other tools — and we have seen this first-hand — ClickFunnels is not only easy to use when it comes to building your own pages but your sales funnel will actually convert. Our team noticed a huge increase in sales the moment we started using ClickFunnels

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As business owners likely already know, engaging with your followers is a must in the business world, and so is having a strong call-to-action. Sniply has done us wonders in both departments. In a nutshell, this online marketing tool adds your custom call-to-action to any webpage, and it allows you to drive conversions to these webpages. Since using it, we have seen an increase in our website traffic, among so many other things.

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Shopify is the ultimate e-commerce platform for any business owner who is trying to sell product, whether it’s via online, in stores or wherever it might be. Shopify alone has helped us create websites for our e-commerce businesses, AND it has also led to us selling more product (that is putting it lightly). If you don’t consider yourself a tech genius, then this is the perfect platform for you and your e-commerce store.

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Zipify is the perfect way to take your Shopify sites to the next level thanks to its apps. While you can most certainly run a Shopify site without Zipify, we have found that with Zipify — and its easy-to-use apps — you can increase your sales, and get more from your sites in general.

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When choosing between a place to eat, you may look at two similar restaurants and often times opt-in to go with the one that has more customers. This social construct makes you feel more comfortable making your choice. Proof emulates that exact feeling, but with eCommerce stores. We have used this app on almost all of our projects and have seen increased conversion rates directly because of it.

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Report Garden

Our team is all about the act that is simplifying things, and Report Garden helps us achieve that goal. Report Garden helps us manage clients and campaigns, and it also helps with reports … and this all takes place on one platform. This software is a must-have for marketing businesses.

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As entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for ways to grow our businesses and save money while we’re at it, and SumAll has helped us out in that department in a big way. In a nutshell, SumAll helps track data, and this is very helpful for our campaigns, content, etc.

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We are a very data-driven company, and thanks to sites like Grow, actually finding the data that will be implemented into our strategies is very easy to access. It’s a software that we recommend to any level of business.

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Just like so many of the tools we have already mentioned, SEMrush is perfect for digital marketing professionals. Successful blogging is crucial to any business during these times, and SEMrush alone can help you come up with a keyword strategy that will improve your website’s SEO, and that’s really just the beginning. This tool alone has helped to increase our SEO rankings.

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If you’re looking to grow your blog and increase traffic, then you need to add SumoMe into the mix. Its FREE tools are game-changing, so much so that we highly recommend it, as it has helped grow the many different blogs we have created over the years.

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Email Optimization


VYPER is perfect for anyone who is looking to grow and enhance their customer list. We use VYPER’s tools to create campaigns. While these services have helped us in many different areas, they have especially helped us grow our email list.

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Convert Kit is effective email automation, made easy. We utilize this tool to send out scheduled and automated email marketing to existing customers so that we can maximize their lifetime value to us. We also use it to land potential customers who are on the edge of purchasing some of our products. This tool has so many excellent uses for entrepreneurs, we highly recommend implementing this into your business anyway you can.

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Finding the right email marketing tool is not an easy feat, but ever since our team started using MailChimp, we’ve noticed a big difference. For example, our email lists have seen exponential growth. Needless to say, there’s a reason why so many businesses are using MailChimp as their No. 1 marketing automation platform and email service.

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NeverBounce works flawlessly with some of the other tools we use, such as MailChimp. As you will find out in no time, NeverBounce is ahead of the curve when it comes to real-time email verification and email cleaning services.

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We use Hunter to find the email addresses of small and big companies alike, and then we reach out to said companies in hopes of not only bettering our business but these other businesses as well.

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Slack makes it possible for our team to have conversations with clients and employees all in one place. It is essential for communicating, even if you are operating with a small team and/or just a handful of clients. It is also helpful for teams that are working in an office, and especially for teams that are working in a remote setting.

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This tool, that you can feature in your email signatures, makes it possible for your clients and customers to schedule a meeting with you without the hassle that is back-and-forth emails. Shortly after using Calendly, we noticed it was a serious time-saver for everyone involved, and it makes scheduling meetings a breeze.

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Be Live

If you’re like us and do a lot of Facebook marketing, then Be Live is a must-have service. With it, your company will be able to achieve the feat that is creating the best Facebook Live broadcasts. Live video — and video-like content in general — is here to stay.

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Grammarly is a real lifesaver. Our team uses Grammarly for all things relating to writing, such as emails, blog posts and other important documents. It’s basically the last line of defense for our copy, and we trust it every single time.

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Without Hootsuite, social media would be a little chaotic. This social media tool helps us stay consistent with our social media strategies. After all, Hootsuite allows users to schedule out posts on networks like Facebook and Twitter. We love it because it basically allows our team to manage all of our social media networks in one place.

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You’ve probably heard of Vimeo before. It’s a video-sharing website that allows users to upload their own videos. When we aren’t getting lost in all of the wonderful videos on Vimeo, we are uploading our own. Whether our goal is to spread a message or show off a product, Vimeo is our go-to video-sharing site.

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When it comes to retargeting, we like to be creative. Repixel allows us to retarget people that go to other websites complementary to ours. Being able to retarget people based on their interest is very powerful and helped us out in scaling our Facebook campaigns.

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If you are like us, then you use a large amount of tools on a daily basis, and things can get a bit cluttered in the process. Luckily, websites like Infusionsoft exist. Infusionsoft makes it possible to connect all of your business’ tools (and technologies) to one platform — it brings everything together, and it has made our lives that much more manageable, to say the least. We don’t know where we would be without this impressive software. There is so much this software can do. For starters, it has helped our team automate huge portions of our business.

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Bluehost is not only one of the largest and most trusted web hosting services out there but we stand by this company and its services as well. In fact, we have used Bluehost for most of our websites. Why? It’s easy to use, very affordable and high-quality, which should be music to the ears of any business owner. If you’re thinking about starting up a website (especially if you’re thinking about starting up multiple sites, like we have in the past), then you need to go with Bluehost. 24/7 expert support has also been a major plus for our team.

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Facebook plays a huge role in our business model, and we are always looking for new ways to make our strategies relating to this platform better — and that’s where Connectio comes into play. With Connectio, you can automate and optimize your Facebook advertising. It has made our ads more effective, and it will likely do the same for your company.

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AdPlexity for Native

We talk about this all the time but doing the proper research and analysis on your competitor's ads can give you a huge edge in your advertising efforts and make your life so much easier. We never recommend directly copying what your competitors are doing, but knowing what ads are successful for your industry is a golden nugget of information that you need to take advantage of. AdPlexity makes that easy for you by finding the most profitable ads for you.

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