Why Us?

Unicorn Innovations’ training services offers mentorship for business leaders and marketers to scale their businesses online through paid traffic.


Premium Education

Our topics cover a comprehensive range of digital marketing platforms and strategies. No matter where you advertise to your customer, we have courses to help you convert them. But what makes us different is not just the topics we cover - it’s how deep we go on each topic. Some of our topics contain 100+ hours of instruction and training that you can use to succeed.

Expert Mentors

The world is filled with people teaching courses on hacks, tricks, and techniques for digital marketing. So what sets our mentors apart? Results. Our mentors aren’t just teachers - they’ve been in the trenches of digital marketing, cutting their teeth executing and improving upon groundbreaking strategies to show exceptional outcomes.

Proven Results

We’re invested in your success. As part of your membership, you’ll get access to our trainers and success coaches to make sure you’re applying what you’ve learned in our courses. Our training is so much more than passive knowledge transfer. It’s a set of active courses and implementation that show real results, because our number one priority is for you to acquire new customers.

live training + OUR entire library of courses

Live training from our mentors and all of our training material bundled into one subscription.

What Makes Unicorn innovations Better Than The Rest?


Experts Who Do

Our mentors instruct on strategies that they themselves have implemented on the platforms they teach. They don’t lecture on “best practices” - they teach proven methods.


Save Time & Money

Our mentors have spent thousands of hours testing every inch of their respective platform in order to develop the best methods for success so you don’t have to.


We Are Different

While we have the most comprehensive online educational content in the world, we’re much more than that. We have a team of mentors to help you get the results you signed up for.


You Will Grow

The difference between success and failure is continued training. We’re the only education platform to offer live expert weekly training so you are always growing.

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Maxwell Finn

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Caitlin Schlichting

Google AdWords Marketing Director
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Brett Lane

SEO Marketing Director
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Alex Willkie

Instagram Marketing Director
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Anna McAfee

LinkedIn Marketing Director
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