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Our consulting services specializes in scaling customer acquisition through paid traffic sources such as Facebook, Google and Native. We help large businesses, corporations and leading entrepreneurs profit from millions of dollars in ad spend campaigns. We also understand that there’s more to profitably growing an online business than just scaling your paid traffic efforts. That’s why we’ve developed trusted relationships with preferred vendors that can help our paid traffic efforts and to aid in your business’ growth.


Online customer acquisition

We identify the best online platforms to serve ads to your customers so that they convert.


Customer Lifetime Value Maximization

We look at your most lucrative customers to determine who to target to create more of them.


Online Conversion Rate Optimization

We develop sales funnels that convert at higher rates so that you can get bigger returns.

Due to high amounts of inbound inquiries, and our intense focus on getting top-tier results for our partners, the Unicorn Innovations team is very selective with who we work with. Although exceptions are made for the perfect opportunities, Our consulting services specializes in managing & scaling monthly online advertising budgets of typically six figures and higher. If you’re serious about investing in scaling your customer acquisition, then please take the first step to launch your business to even greater success by applying to work with us below. See you on the inside!


Who We AreRare Talent From A Rare Team

Unicorn Innovations is a customer acquisition agency that has generated hundreds of millions in traceable revenue through online paid traffic for some of the world’s largest brands. We offer a tailored-to-your-needs service for working directly with our experts to achieve massive results. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and are honored to work with the very best clients in digital marketing. Our team uses proven methods learned by working on ad campaigns with millions of dollars in ad spend and our experience to generate the best possible returns for clients. And for growing businesses, those looking for investments, or an investor looking for a smart opportunity, we work with companies and investors to build growth into their investments.

Not only do we have diverse experience with advertising for many business selling various products across all types of platforms, but we also often extend additional consulting services to our partners in areas that may include but are not limited to:

  • Customer LTV
  • Customer AOV
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Cost per lead (CPL)
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Landing page / website CRO
  • Creative direction & strategies
  • Possible affiliate partnerships
  • Post-purchase monetization strategy
  • Strategic business introductions where it makes sense

While our team’s primary focus is on paid traffic, we’ve intentionally built strategic relationships with some of the best service providers in the industry. We understand that there’s more to marketing a business than just running stellar paid traffic. We’ve built these relationships to help aid our paid traffic efforts and boost our clients’ results by offering services like:

  • Website development
  • Social media content creation and publishing
  • Landing page design and optimization
  • SMS and email marketing
  • Asset creation for products
  • And much more!

Why do this? We’ve found that by spending our own time and money developing the relationships with these vendors, it ends up saving our clients from wasting their own time and money. And often times finding the right vendor for these services compliments what we’re doing with our paid traffic efforts and allows our clients to see results they’ve never seen before.

Think of us like more than just the #1 scale-via-paid-advertising agency in the world. Our team at Unicorn Innovations is your partner in ensuring your business’ online success by worrying about bringing in the customers and optimizing your online business, so you don’t have to.

$250 million

in trackable revenue for brands using our platforms


scale-via-paid-advertising agency in the world


clients acquired or raised funding after working with us


of clients double their online revenue from paid traffic in their first year

Our Process



By working with us, our clients get expert-level consulting in order to strategize, create, launch and manage their online advertising campaign so that they see a big return on their investment.



One size does not fit all. Using the latest tools and a razor-sharp focus, we will not stop until every stone is uncovered and we have found the best opportunities for you and your campaign.



You can’t survive in this industry without being able to get results. But you don’t care about someone else’s results. You care about your results. We’re committed to showing you both.



Once our experts have built a strategy that works, we are ready to scale and grow your campaign based on the goals you have set for yourself. And then rinse and repeat.

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