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What’s up guys? @alexwillkie here! Right now, we’re talking about business accounts versus personal accounts on Instagram. What’s the difference? Is there a difference? Do the differences matter?

So, first off: the one thing I’ve heard about personal accounts, and I’ve never even tried to do it, is that personal accounts will grow faster. Now, Instagram has come out and said that this is not true, but I mean, I don’t know. Instagram growth is not so linear. Many factors can account for rapid growth.

Honestly, I make all my accounts business accounts, once I hit about 7,000 or 10,000 followers (less if I want to monetize & collect data sooner). I will transition it from a personal to a business account.

Now, the reason for this is because if you’re going to be doing anything business-wise, you should have a business account. I have 100% confidence in this, because the benefits of a business account are extreme.

Once you hit 10,000 followers, you get something called a swipe-up feature. This feature is basically the ability to post a story and insert a link into that story that your audience can visit, simply by “swiping up.” If they swipe up on their screen and that link is active, it’ll take them to wherever that URL is pointing. It can be to your profile, another person’s profile, a page outside of Instagram, or anywhere you want. It’s really beneficial and it’s only for business accounts with over 10,000 followers.

However, the swipe up feature is available for personal/business accounts under 10,000 followers, BUT it can only lead to your own IGTV videos you post.

Another thing you can do with a business account is hook up a product page. If you have a Shopify store, you can go in and connect your Instagram account and your Facebook business page.

This will add your products into a ‘Facebook catalog’. The Facebook Catalog just allows your Facebook page to process orders and sell products directly over ads. A must if you are in Ecommerce.

What that allows you to do is tag your products in both your stories and your posts. You can add a picture and tag your product, so that when someone clicks on the tag, they can then purchase it right on the platform itself. It’s very, very intuitive that way.

So, let’s talk about websites a little bit. Say someone checks out your website. A common thing to do is get their data through a Facebook pixel. A Facebook pixel is this piece of code that Facebook generates for you, you stick it on your website, then Facebook can track the actions people take on your website.

So, let’s say they added a bunch of items to their cart and never completed the purchase. You have the ability to contact them and say something like “Hey, you forgot to finish your cart purchase.

Click here to finish it.” Or, if they just checked your site, you can say “Hey, I saw you looking at videos on #research. Here’s some more research that’s come out.” So, you can really retarget your audience and showcase more things because the game on Instagram, like I said, is a traffic source.

Now, it’s your job to grow the traffic but also filter the traffic out as it comes in. Another tool that comes along with the Facebook business option is the Ad Manager and Facebook Pixel. These give you a lot of flexibility in terms of really pushing product.

So, if I make a video about a product and I have someone who watched it from start to finish, I can then just target them, show them the product and then I could maybe persuade them to make a purchase right there. Really beneficial, guys, and something you should definitely look into.

An important thing to note about business accounts is that the only way you get one is by setting up a Facebook page and linking the accounts. See, Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, so in order to create an Insta business account, you need to link your Facebook business page.

Once you do that, Facebook will track the data on your page and it will be able to create audiences and “targets,’ in addition to giving you a lot of analytic tools. So, for every post you create, you’ll receive a summary of your analytics, including how many people saw your profile, how many people saw your content, how many people saved the content or engaged with it, so on and so forth.

You’ll learn where exactly your follower base is, where they’re from, the percentages, all that. It’s really good. It’s really important that you have that business account and those analytics because it opens up a lot of doors.

So, there you go, guys! I always recommend a business account because it just gives you so much more data and gives you a lot more insight into what’s going on with your account and what you can fix or adapt and where you’re headed. Again, I recommend a business account over a personal one.

With love, @alexwillkie.

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INSTAGRAM MENTOR As Instagram marketing director at Unicorn Innovations, Alex helps businesses monetize their brands and command a greater online audience. A typical day for Alex includes team meetings, strategizing, posting and streaming live video. This routine must be working, because it has resulted in a crop of new success stories. As a valued social media consultant, Alex Willkie knows personally how to grow an online presence. In less than a year, Alex’s Instagram beauty account, (@beautifybasics), has grown to 5 million followers plus. His mission is to share his expertise to help other business scale their online presence. When Alex Willkie was growing up in Manitoba, Canada, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do in life. Having excellent role models like his grandfather and dad taught him that if you want to reap success, sometimes you have to plant a little risk. So, tired of taking orders in the traditional workplace, Alex invested his own savings toward his vision -- and it worked. Action-oriented from his workday to his competitive gaming spot, Alex gives 200%. He has learned firsthand that with a strong will and a zealous outlook, you can do the unimaginable – and help others do the same.


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