What We Do

Customer acquisition based marketing for your business.

Unicorn Innovations is a premium & exclusive digital marketing consulting firm, specializing in scaling customer acquisition through paid traffic sources such as Facebook, Google and Native.

We help leading entrepreneurs, large businesses and corporations profit from millions of dollars in ad spend campaigns.

Customer Acquisition

We’ve mastered the ability to acquire customers in virtually any industry by spending millions of dollars testing and scaling paid advertising. Our exclusive group of clients benefit from this experience and expect superior results from our work.

We Help Maximize
Customer Life Time Value

Unicorn Innovations’ elite business model brings your company more than just one-time customers. We create profitable paid ad campaigns that target your most lucrative customers who will bring you long-term value. Your client base will transform from one-time users to loyal, lifetime consumers of your breakthrough products or services.

Online Conversion Rate

Nothing is worse than having a website or an advertisement that doesn’t convert. Discover the difference when you work with the leading digital marketing agency. Our conversion rate experts understand how the user operates, which layouts convert best, and how to increase your company’s conversion rate significantly. So you can earn more money quickly.

What Makes Us Different
Think. Do. Deliver.

Our mission is to provide a select group of companies with superior results through paid advertising. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and are honored to work with the very best clients in digital marketing. Our team uses proven methods learned by working on ad campaigns with millions of dollars in ad spend. We use our experience to generate the best possible returns for clients.

We are built to take on a limited number of clients so we can provide an exclusive service in an ultra-competitive field. Each client is like family to us, and we see the potential to make an unlimited impact on your business because of the power to scale paid advertising. We are ready to make your business more profitable. Are you ready to join us?

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we are results based
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Our Process
We have worked with some of the largest companies and top entrepreneurs in the world. Despite our years of experience in paid advertising, we treat each new project as an opportunity to show why we are considered the premier company in the industry.


Without the proper knowledge, online advertising can be a great way to throw good money at bad results. When you work with us, you get expert-level consulting in order to strategize, create, launch or even manage online advertising so that you see a big ROI.


Often times you’ll find yourself throwing away money trying to figure out which online advertisements work. Since you are working with us, you don’t have to worry. We’ve already spent millions of dollars doing that for you so you don’t have to. We find the prime spots where it’s best for you to spend your money, and anticipate where the changes will happen for your industry.


Using the latest tools and a razor-sharp focus, we find the best opportunities for you to advertise. Our skilled team optimizes your advertisements. This allows us to effectively end the ads that aren’t performing and boost those that are going to give you the best ROI possible.


This is the exciting part of the process. After our experts use our step-by-step approach to find the best possible advertisements for your company, we begin to hone our skills on making sure that you get the best possible return on your ad spend. This way, your company can begin to see insane revenue streams flowing in every month. Once we find the best value for you, we scale the campaign so you can get more customers and generate more profits for your business.

Our Results Crush Agencies

Taking Down Campaigns, Terminator Style

Unicorn Innovations is laser-focused on our elite clients and launching their business’ customer acquisition to the next level.