Safeguard Your Investment

With the capital arm of our business, we partner with startups and investors to create fundraising deals with enormous customer acquisition growth potential. For startups, we manage all online advertising in return for equity in the business. For investors, we provide thorough vetting and unparalleled safeguarding of your investment by ensuring investments achieve ambitious growth plans more quickly.

Massive Growth

Better than a silent partner is a partner with the ability to drive massive growth. As a member of Unicorn Innovations' capital portfolio, we incorporate strategies that have been proven to build businesses fast.

Faster Investment ROI

Startup investments can be high-risk, so it’s important to find the ones that will pay off. Because of our success in scaling our own businesses, we know what signs to look for, and what it will take to grow.

De-risked investments

For businesses and investors alike, nothing reduces the risks involved with a startup like a pool of new customers. Investing in a startup can be risky if you don’t have a plan for growing the business. We have a plan.


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