Kelsey Murphy

Project Manager

As Project Manager for Unicorn Innovations, Kelsey Murphy is versatile. She understands the online marketing space as well as traditional marketing. She can independently challenge the norm, but also remains open to the opinions of other people. She takes the initiative to personally sharpen her marketing knowledge, but also values a circle of mentors that provide feedback and advice. With over five years of experience in building client relationships, Kelsey loves the process of watching clients succeed, and they appreciate her compassionate, loyal, no-nonsense attitude.

Growing up in a rural Midwest community allowed Kelsey to appreciate the simple things in life, yet she is also energized by the fast-paced digital world.

Kelsey manages to take a regular break from the digital world and teach others how to relax -- she’s a certified Les Mills and yoga instructor. Kelsey Murphy starts her productive, busy days being mom to three dogs and Supermom to her three-year-old daughter.


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