Geoff Crain

Facebook Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Geoff Crain has maintained a steady success in digital marketing. Geoff has worked with big brands like Coca Cola, apps like Fanduel and e-commerce products like Startup Drugz. Geoff is constantly busy mixing creative and unique marketing strategies with basic proven methods. And his concoctions have helped many businesses in a variety of industries boost their bottom lines.

As Facebook marketing manager for Unicorn Innovations, Geoff Crain thrives on the unpredictable nature of ever-evolving digital marketing strategies. Constantly engaged and challenged in his area of expertise, Geoff Crain loves the process of continual learning and he passes the benefits on to his lucky clients. Though hardworking and dedicated, Geoff Crain does make time to watch his favourite hockey team: the Toronto Maple Leafs. His role models include his Dad and Mark Zuckerberg and when not at work he may be found reading a John Grisham novel, playing golf, or watching a movie.


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