David Schloss

Facebook Marketing Director

David Schloss is the Facebook marketing director at Unicorn Innovations. When it comes to results, details, training and numbers, he’s got skills.

David is considered one of the top social advertising trainers among today’s entrepreneurs. He has helped clients boost their online presence through Facebook advertising, social public relations, and video marketing. David Schloss can take a complicated social ad plan and smoothly translate it into a simple revenue-producing campaign. He has helped hundreds of businesses improve their website traffic, build their brand, acquire customers and gain revenue through social advertising.

David quickly realized that his analytical and leadership skills were perfectly suited to marketing when he began his career in 2007 from his college apartment. Using his gifts has brought him connections, new friendships and the joy in watching others succeed.

David Schloss has been rated one of the top “Experts to Watch” by Forbes Magazine. David has been featured in Entrepreneur.com, Business Insider and the Huffington Post.

Because David is an investor himself and commitment to his own personal growth, he loves to educate customers on the why and how of marketing strategies. This results in an authentic, caring experience for his clients.

Raised in Miami, Florida, David is an avid reader and gamer. In his down time, you might find him playing basketball, spending time with family or working like a night owl if he’s “in the zone.”


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