Christopher Adams

Chief Operating Officer

A young and passionate entrepreneur, Christopher has a degree in Finance from the University of Central Florida. His business success started back in high school, when Christopher experimented with algorithms in the online gaming industry. His self-propelled research generated tens of millions of views for a targeted YouTube channel. Christopher also managed multiple food truck businesses and an ecommerce store, which gave him experience gaining leads and growth through social media.

As the Chief Operating Officer for Unicorn Innovations, Christopher uses his skills in organization and his love of structure to help businesses realize their dreams. When a project lands on Christopher's desk, it becomes his very own. And, since Christopher has an eye for what works, that's a good thing. He spends his workdays creating opportunities and making each client's business grow smoothly and efficiently.

An Orlando, Florida native, Christopher is grateful for the mentorship of his brother, Jeremy Adams, who taught him to translate both successes and failures into valuable teaching tools. Another one of Christopher's role models is Warren Buffet, who carries his success without flaunting it and gives back to those in need.

When Christopher Adams isn't at work providing the highest level of service in his typical caring style, he might be playing video games, watching a movie, or hanging out with his Goldendoodle, Meadow.


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