Brett Lane

SEO Marketing Director

Self-proclaimed SEO mad scientist, Brett Lane spends his days in his sunny San Diego computer lab. That's where he conducts his experiments with Google's ever-changing algorithm.

And, he's really good at it.

After earning his MBA in Internet Marketing from the University of Phoenix, Brett started experimenting with website rankings. The rest is history.

He has managed over 1,000 marketing projects, improving the SEO rankings for many nationally known companies. These include: Marriott, Renaissance Hotels, Nationwide, Progressive, Fisher-Price, Penske, Auto Nation and eHarmony.

Today, he is a valuable member of the Unicorn Innovations team. SEO projects, link building, content creation, and social advertising are all in Brett's job description. He is known for getting real results in shorter timeframes than his competitors.

Brett Lane loves being an underdog. If you throw an extra challenge Brett's way, watch him hit the target in double time.

Speaking of targets, Brett can handle a shotgun and clay target as well as those algorithms. And when not in his lab, you might find him kickboxing, working out or reading business books, like Think and Grow Rich.

Brett Lane is a Los Angeles native and his role model is Jesus Christ.


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