Anna McAfee

LinkedIn Marketing Director

When LinkedIn was born, Anna knew it would be a powerful disruptor. At the time, she might not have known that she would be crushing its use for business.

Anna McAfee has dedicated her time and talents to master, teach and train others in the art of using LinkedIn. This makes her the ideal person to function as Unicorn Innovations’ LinkedIn Marketing Director. Anna McAfee has worked effectively in the recruitment industry for 12 years, using LinkedIn’s powerful practices. She currently runs her own LinkedIn training business. More recently, she co-founded a global movement called #LinkedInLocal -- now in 200+ cities and 28 countries across five continents. This creative concept helps online groups meet locally, building connections and relationships.

Close mentoring from successful entrepreneurs, experience with startup companies, along with a rich booklist have contributed to Anna’s skillset. Clients find her loyal, authentic and trustworthy, with an eye for growth as well as social impact.
Born in Coff’s Harbour, Australia, Anna enjoys authors like Seth Godin and Brene Brown. When she isn’t training or helping clients build their online reputations, she’s traveling or spending time with her family.


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