Anna McAfee

LinkedIn Marketing Director

We are so happy to have Anna as a part of our team!

The LinkedIn platform is often overlooked. There aren’t many companies who teach how to effectively used LinkedIn. And there aren’t many individuals who dedicate their lives to learning, mastering and teaching other’s how to master the LinkedIn platform. But, Anna McAfee is doing that and is currently killing it! Anna runs her own LinkedIn training business, has worked in the recruitment industry for 12 years, and for start-up recruitment businesses, managing technical and recruitment training and processes with a heavy focus on LinkedIn’s power and best practices.

Most recently, she have also co-founded a global movement called #LinkedInLocal, now in 200+ cities, 28 countries across 5 continents, which a concept that allows people to leverage online communities on LinkedIn to build relationships and communities offline.

There is probably a lot of untapped potential that you and your business are missing out on with LinkedIn, and Anna’s goal is to help you effectively utilize LinkedIn and master LinkedIn for your business!