Alex Willkie

Instagram Marketing Director

As Instagram marketing director at Unicorn Innovations, Alex helps businesses monetize their brands and command a greater online audience. A typical day for Alex includes team meetings, strategizing, posting and streaming live video. This routine must be working, because it has resulted in a crop of new success stories.

As a valued social media consultant, Alex Willkie knows personally how to grow an online presence. In less than a year, Alex’s Instagram beauty account, (@beautifybasics), has grown to 5 million followers plus. His mission is to share his expertise to help other business scale their online presence.

When Alex Willkie was growing up in Manitoba, Canada, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do in life. Having excellent role models like his grandfather and dad taught him that if you want to reap success, sometimes you have to plant a little risk.

So, tired of taking orders in the traditional workplace, Alex invested his own savings toward his vision -- and it worked.

Action-oriented from his workday to his competitive gaming spot, Alex gives 200%. He has learned firsthand that with a strong will and a zealous outlook, you can do the unimaginable – and help others do the same.


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