Alex Willkie

Instagram Marketing Director

Alex is a social media consultant that specializes on Instagram growth and monetization, as well as Facebook marketing.

He first began learning about Instagram in March 2017. After creating his own agency, I became fascinated with the beauty industry. Alex started his first beauty account in August of 2017, which has grown to over 475,000 followers in just 8 Months.

Growing over 100,000 followers a month on @beautify.basics, Alex has been able to grow his Instagram network in beauty to over 5 million+ followers.

After discovering his new talent, Alex wanted to share his skills with the world and began consulting with individuals and businesses to help them grow their online presence through the Instagram platform. Since then, he has created numerous success stories with his expertise and has begun helping others scale their online presence. All while continuing to scale his own massive brands and constantly working on improving his craft and maximizing his learning to share with others.