This Refund Policy applies to the products under the Training portion of Unicorn Innovations ONLY.

We provide a ton of value and invest a lot of time into our students. Because of the huge time investment from our mentors and in fairness to students who are investing money in our courses, we have a strict cancel at anytime, no refund policy for all of our training products.

What does this mean for you?

Once you purchase a product and pay for it in it’s entirety, you get lifetime access and these products cannot be refunded. However, this does not apply to any of our subscription products like our Unicorn Academy program. For our subscription products, you will have access for as long as you pay, if you have an unsettled balance owed, your access will be revoked. If you want to cancel a subscription product, you are allowed to do so at anytime, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. However, you will not be refunded any prior payments that we made before the subscription was cancelled.
How to Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this Refund Policy please contact us by email at You also may write to us at:
Unicorn Innovations, LLC
100 E Pine St, Suite 110, 
Orlando, FL 32801