Unicorn Innovations is a customer acquisition agency that has generated hundreds of millions in traceable revenue through online paid traffic for some of the world’s largest brands. We offer a tailored-to-your-needs service for working directly with our experts to achieve massive results. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and are honored to work with the very best clients in digital marketing. Our team uses proven methods learned by working on ad campaigns with millions of dollars in ad spend and our experience to generate the best possible returns for clients. We also offer university level education in customer acquisition for small businesses or marketing departments interested in learning from the best on the Internet. And for growing businesses, those looking for investments, or an investor looking for a smart opportunity, we work with companies and investors to build growth into their investments.

Unicorn Properties


Unicorn Training

Our trailblazing educational program was built for those who want to create extraordinary results with the assistance of our award winning team.


Unicorn Consulting

Our full-service, multi-platform customer acquisition service is for those who want to scale their existing businesses by partnering with a veteran team.

Unicorn Leadership Team

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Maxwell Finn

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Jeremy Adams

Chief Executive Officer
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Christopher Adams

Chief Operating Officer
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Ronni Beauregard

Operations Manager
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Brian Cruz

Brand Manager
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Caitlin Schlichting

Google AdWords Marketing Director
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Brett Lane

SEO Marketing Director
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Alex Willkie

Instagram Marketing Director
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Stanley Padgett

General Counsel
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Anna McAfee

LinkedIn Marketing Director
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Eric Allred

Internal Media Manager
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Rory Stern

Senior Media Buyer
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Brian Schlichting

Agency Growth Coordinator
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Brands we’ve teamed up with



Perry Belcher
Co-Founder of Digital Marketer, Traffic & Conversions, and War Room Mastermind
Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on Shark Tank
Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income